Word of the Day: Magniv

Back in elementary and high school, we learned “Ivris.” Ivris is not Ivrit. It’s a pathetic parody of the actual language. I understand that for a Bais Yaakov school in a very frum community, Ivrit would be too Zionistic, and completely unacceptable. But then we shouldn’t be taught Hebrew at all, and instead focus on […]

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Meatless Monday: Low Carb Lo Mein (also gluten-free, paleo, vegan, and contains fairy dust)

You know those days when you need to make lunch quickly and you’re not sure if you have all the ingredients you need? Worry no longer.  The dish I’m about to reveal to you is absolutely delicious, quick, and can handle any random ingredient in your kitchen. And of course, it’s one-pan only. I never […]

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Beating Bureaucracy: The Birth Certificate

  I still sometimes have nightmares about getting my first child’s birth certificate at the Misrad Hapnim office in downtown Jerusalem.  Such a long line… not moving… hours and hours of standing, holding a fussy baby… such. a long. line. A month after the birth, I stumbled into the Misrad Hapnim building at 8:15 a.m., sure I’d be back […]

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Israeli Life

My thoughts on Yom Hazikaron

  Today is Memorial Day in Israel.  In contrast to the partying and start of the beach season that characterize Memorial Day in America, here there is somber reflection and heart-wrenching ceremonies. Regular programming is stopped for the day, as fallen loved ones are remembered.  I spent some time reading up on the 60 soldiers who have […]

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How To Make Your Own Delicious Yogurt

  Living on a small budget comes with many challenges.  One of the worst is having to cut out all my favorite foods that are too expensive to justify buying.  When those expensive foods are also healthy and beneficial, it’s all just too much to bear. Which is why I was thrilled to discover yogurt […]

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Frugal Living

Six Ways to Rock your Tiny Space

  When our apartment lease was up for renewal last summer, my husband and I debated whether to sign for another year, or look for another apartment. More space would have been awesome: our toddler was growing, and we had just found out that another baby was on the way. On the other hand, the […]

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In the Beginning…

  So, hi. I wanted to write something deep and meaningful for my first post, but being that this is my maternity-leave project, mommy brain is overwhelming all my deep and meaningful thoughts.  Also, this isn’t a deep and meaningful type of blog. This is the blog I’ve been searching for since we moved to […]

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